2018 Wild Kard Tour

Reservation Form For International Card Holders & Provincial Customers

MyMusicTaste is happy to present 2018 WILD KARD TOUR IN MANILA!

Topping charts and touring internationally before their official debut, co-ed group KARD is one of the most popular rookie groups of 2017. The talented group finally made their debut this past July and have already proven their global popularity by touring North America, South America, and Europe. 2018 WILD KARD TOUR IN MANILA will be jam-packed with powerful performances from their latest album, interactive games, and a Q&A session, allowing KARD to get up close and personal with their fans in a much more intimate setting.
KARD fans created a viral movement via MyMusicTaste, an online service that brings together music fans to request their favorite artist’s concert, and were instrumental in making this show happen. As a special thank you to all those who made the show happen on MyMusicTaste, those who requested KARD in Manila will have access to a 20% discount off two tickets!

If you are not a MyMusicTaste member yet, join us on http://mmt.fans/jKyr and request your favorite artist’s concert! You too can have access to special perks such as presale when your dream concert becomes a reality!
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