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LazerXtreme is the leader in Laser Tag in the Philippines and was first to introduce this futuristic, sci-fi entertainment in the country. Located in Market! Market! Mall in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Lazerxtreme offers players an unforgettable “extreme” laser tag experience.  With a state-of-the art equipment and a world-class arena, LazerXtreme allows gamers to enjoy a full 15 minutes of exhilarating heart-stopping excitement in a safe and secure environment appropriate for people of all ages.

LazerXtreme is under the Adventure, Sports, Leisure and Games Philippines, Inc.(ASLAG) and is the only member of the International Laser Tag Association (ILTA) in the Philippines.


LazerXtreme’s state-of-the-art laser tag system has several game formats specifically designed to provide a variety of spectacular challenges for its different groups of players. These interactive game formats range from the simple solo- or team-play formats for the leisure player to the more advanced game formats (of elimination, for example) for the serious gamer.

A certain level of skill and team coordination is required in team games, as players employ defensive as well as offensive strategies in protecting their co-players and bases and in tagging as many opponents as possible.

Each laser tag game is played for 15 minutes and can be played by up to 30 players simultaneously.


 Rules and Regulations

As safety for all our gamers is our primary concern, the following rules and regulations are strictly enforced:

  • No running
  • No climbing
  • No lying down or crawling on the floor
  • No covering of opponents’ pack sensors
  • No physical contact
  • No rude language

Game marshals or captains roam the arena during each game and make sure rules are being followed. In case of violation, a time-out period of 20 seconds or more may be given to the player. He or She may also receive a deduction of 1000 points from his or her final game score.

For repeated violations and in extreme cases, the player or players will be eliminated from the game, removed from the arena, and disbarred from any future game unless correct behavior is promised (through a written note) and subsequently shown.

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