Found Music Festival

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Filinvest City Event Grounds



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We are a non-denominational movement guided only by the essentials of Christian faith.



We are a team of individuals who had our fair share of hardships and have now found a new kind of inspiration allowing us to be instruments to help others. We seek to cultivate a culture founded on purpose through different avenues such as music, arts, and meaningful conversations. Here at FOUND, we encourage inclusivity, inspire action, and engage in purposeful discussions.



Our Inspiration


A purpose beyond the daily grind.


Much of today’s teaching and philosophy say that we can find our purpose in ourselves: we define our own lives, our own reality, our own truth – that we create our own purpose and that we are responsible to piece our lives together.


But Jesus says something utterly different. He said: I am the way, the truth and the life.

Through this statement, Jesus tells us to pursue a different kind of purpose – the kind that is more eternal and long-lasting.



What is FOUND?

FOUND is a celebration of life with purpose. We seek to celebrate life through music, art, and meaningful conversations.


What do we believe in FOUND?

We believe that purpose is a deep human need and much of today’s teaching say that we can find our purpose in ourselves as we define our own lives, our own reality, our own truth. But what we know here at Found is that our fulfilment actually begins when we look to our “corner stone”. This is what creates the structure for us which directs us on how to build our life and eventually completes us. Just like when we begin a jigsaw puzzle. We don’t start from the center but we start with the corners. We believe those corners are God.



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